Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Parent Teacher Conference

I took the elementary kids to their parent teacher conferences yesterday. The kids all are doing well in their academic studies. Abi still needs to work on reading. Corey's been reading Harry Potter to her at night. Natalie enjoyed her sisters showing her all the fun things available at school - markers to draw, cubes to stack, puzzles to assemble. And lots of ABCs everywhere.
I like Parent Teacher Conference cause that means the teachers have a "work day" on Friday and my kids don't have school, yay! We have like 4 days off this month, hooray for February. Ethan and Hyrum came along so they could see their old stomping ground and say hi to their teachers from 7+ years ago. Time flies. I ran into a neighbor and mom who I was talking with on Sunday about sick kids and the flu. Her kids had been throwing up. She told me briefly as she walked past that her baby threw up earlier that afternoon, "He was playing on the carpet with his brother, crawled over to the kitchen, and threw up all over the tile! And I was like THANK YOU!!!" I congratulated her on her good fortune - a joy only mothers know - the joy of not having to clean puke off of carpet. Also, I really don't like the book fair and the kids coming home with their list of books that they want to buy. That's why we go to the county library. Or the thrift store, cause we all know what your little sisters to do books, hence why I don't pay full price for new books. If we're going to leave books out for the little people to destroy, they're gonna be gently used and cost 50 cents.
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