Monday, February 29, 2016

Hobbling Hyrum

Last night the kids were playing Cop in the Dark or something like that - where one person is the police and they have a flashlight, and they all go hide in the dark (all lights have to be off, sounds safe huh!) and the police guy tries to find them and if he does he puts them in jail. Something like that. So Hyrum is chasing Ethan or something and rams his toe into a bookshelf. Yes, this is the same Hyrum who fractured his wrist two weeks ago - now he's running around in the dark playing tag. So he hurt his foot bad, but kept playing for some stupid reason and then rammed it into the bookshelf again, and then he couldn't walk. Go to bed, we'll see how it feels in the morning.

So this morning he was limping around like he broke it. I'm not taking you to the ER again. It's his toe, not his ankle or whole foot, but I found an old boot that Ethan used in his Urgent Care trip years ago when he fell off a playground thing at recess. I helped Hyrum put on the boot and gave him the crutches. "Stay off your foot for 2 weeks" was my Dr. Mom advice. I've got carpool with Corey gone, so I take them, he went into school looking ridiculous and we all laughed about it. His siblings helped carry his big ol' saxophone case. And our school week begins. Then he calls me at 9:00 and says he feels sick and would like to come home. No, you're not sick, we've just had a little stomach flu bug going around our house, take a bathroom break when you need one, you'll be fine. Go to class, toughen it out. He called again in a half hour. He hadn't gone to class. I told him to go to class, call in an hour, if he still felt sick in an hour I'll have Joseph come pick him up during his lunch break and take him to Grandmas and you can rest there until school is out. Then the counselor, knowing Hyrum wasn't having luck with me, asked to talk to me. She said she had kept him there in the office cause when he called me last time he did look pretty pale. "So you think he looks sick?" "We'll, I'm not a nurse, but you can see in his eyes that he doesn't feel good..." Well, Hyrum is pretty good at making pathetic looking eyes. Okay, fine, I'll come get him. I'm there at 10:15 and he hobbles out. He does look pretty pathetic. I was thinking he mostly just didn't want to be hobbling around the school with a arm splint and crutches.
"Yes, I was in a horrible car accident..."
He took a nap, watched a library dvd with his little sisters, I think he could have toughened it out but whatever. After getting home he did decide that the crutches are a big pain so he ditched them and has just been using the boot. We'll see if we make it through the rest of the week unscathed.
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