Monday, February 8, 2016

Sunday Snapshots

I keep meaning to take a group picture of the kids in their Sunday clothes, but another Sunday has come and gone and I missed it. They just change their clothes too fast. Today I remembered to get out the camera cause I wanted to get a picture of Sophi and Natalie in their shoe attire. Natalie was in a little yellow spring dress, cause it's just so warm lately - almost above freezing at night, ha. So she's wearing a little spring dress and would not put on the shoes I wanted her to wear, no... she wore her Belle dress up shoes to church. Cause they're yellow, so they accessorize nicely. I didn't want to have a fight, so I let her wear the play dress up shoes. Atleast they matched each other. 
She wouldn't come for a picture, so I had to chase her down and tickle her on the couch. No princess shoes in the pic, but they were on those little feet for church. Funny.

Sophi was a character yesterday too. She insisted on wearing her black rainboots. A pretty red velvet with gold sparkle dress, with... rainboots. Whatever makes you happy. You've got both right and left foot? Good enough, let's go. So we went to church and I was laughing at them, but they're they youngest, they get away with a lot of stuff the older kids didn't get away with when they were toddlers. Everyone else looked dapper for church. Wesley, always looking like a gentleman. Thanks to Corey's mother who fixed Wesley's and Hyrum's jackets while we were gone in Hawaii. Owen... we'll start dressing you up in another 6 months. For now, he still gets away with casual attire and a bib and a binkie. I have put socks and shoes on him the past 3 weeks, so that's a step in the right direction.
Joseph, you're a fine looking young man. He's a good leader of the pack. And taking off his shoes before going upstairs, the kids are finally getting trained on carpet etiquette.
Melodie home from church working on her Personal Progress or something, good job Mel.
Everyone else hand changed out of their clothes. Our church schedule changed ~ last year church began at 9:00, now we get a whole two more hours and start at 11:00. It makes Sunday morning a lot more calm. We almost get up at the same time, only now I have time to do the hair of all the girls (except Natalie who won't let me touch her hair). And last week and this week we left at 10:40 and were very on time, good job crew. Next week we'll try to get a group shot before church of everyone looking so cute and pretty before we go.
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