Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Boxes

Tomorrow is the designated Valentine's Party day at the elementary school, since there is no school Friday or Monday. The kids worked on their Valentine cards tonight - we really were simple... I just bought the boxes of candy hearts for Abi and Lily that they only had to write names on. Wesley got a box of cards with airhead candy's with them. I ran to buy the candy at 6, the kids were done writing their Valenine's at 7. Easy peasy, I think I'll so that next year. As for the boxes, Wesley did put a lot of effort into that.
He made a maze that you had to twist 90 degrees when you were half way through, and his idea was for everyone to put their valentine in the box and slide it through the maze as fast as they could into the box container at the end (that X-9 box at the top). He brought a timer and prizes for the three students with the fastest time. I was glad that Abi just used the Elephant Box Wes made last year (with Mel'd help) Thank you Abi for making my life easier, and sorry I never got around to helping you make that Lego box you wanted to do.
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