Monday, February 22, 2016

Hide and Seek

At 9:50 last night, the kids asked if they could please pretty please do just one more game of hide and seek. I had interrupted their fun for family prayer and scriptures. Now that that was finally out of the way, they could get back to what is really important. So, fine, yes, it's late, but you've got 10 minutes for ONE more game. Well, when they play hide and seek, the poor person that's it ends up having to count to like 300 cause everytime they call out "whoever's not ready holler ay!" and we've got 2 or 3 people ay-ing. Sigh, they're never gonna finish! I finally intervened and said "Wes is coming, if you're not ready, too bad!" and the hunt was on. He found several kids very quickly. but Hyrum and Mel had him searching a long time. He eventually found Hyrum, and now just Mel. But, oh - Mel! She's a sneaky one. We've spent many a hide and seek game looking and looking and looking for her. Around 10:15 (so much for 10 minutes!) I helped and we went through the house room by room and turned off the lights when we knew she was not in there. We cleared the main floor and I slowly corralled them up to their rooms. Not in Hyrum and Wesley's room, not in the master bathroom, bedroom, or closet... Not in the laundry room, not in the girls room. They had looked in Joseph and Ethan's room several times, but wouldn't you know, the last room that I help verify and there we find her, under Ethan's bed.
It is a tight tight fit under there. Not for the claustrophobic (I wouldn't have made it). She slowly wriggled her way out.
So this was frustrating to Wesley, cause he had checked under Ethan's bed earlier in the game and found Ethan under there. Little did he know they had conspired against him. Ethan was hiding Mel!
Sneaky siblings! Watch out, Wes will be ready for your tricks next time. 
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