Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Doctor Visits

Doctor Visit 1) Owen: On Saturday morning I took Owen to the pediatrician for a sick visit. I thought what he had on his chin (pic 3) was some kind of herpes simplex. But when he woke up Saturday with more blisters starting, I thought it best if we got some help. I was glad they were open on Saturday. I called first thing and got an appointment for him at 10:30. After taking a look, the doctor had a different diagnosis: Impetigo. I've never heard the word impetigo before, have you? It is spread in saliva, which isn't good news for this drooler boy. The dr. gave me a prescription for a topical ointment and some oral antibiotics. Oral medicine twice a day, ointment 3 times a day. Owen was ticked at me after the first dose, but since then he's been taking the 5 ml of medicine very well and without a fight. We're changing his drool cloths twice a day and starting each day with a clean binky strap. I put the ointment on him when he goes down for his naps. Had to unbutton his shirt on Sunday hoping he wouldn't wipe it off if he turns his face as he slept.
We'll see if it helps ease up his skin blisters - they are all over the left side of his chin. 
A few new spots have showed up on the right side too, but I'm hoping with the medicine they won't flare up. There is one in his neck folds that looks not very good and another behind his left ear that he seems to try to itch at. Left ear looks better today, the neck one looks worse. He's as cheerful as ever though, so that's good that it doesn't seem to cause him discomfort.
Something funny - Natalie has been showing him affection and I'm trying to keep her away so she doesn't catch the rash. I tell her "Don't do that... Owen is sick" and then she looks at me with much sadness in her eyes and says "No! Owen is zero!" She's tired of me trying to convince her that Owen is six years old, when she knows very well he is a big zero. They play with foam ABC letters and numbers in the bath tub, and Natalie is so smart, she knows "N is for Natanee!! S is for Sophi! O is for Owen! Owen is for... ZERO!"

Also Friday night, Corey was feeling a little tuckered out and laid down on the couch for a bit and told Natalie "I'm a little sick" to which she replied "I'm a 2!" We love Natanee!

Doctor Visit 2) Me: just a check up for myself yesterday. I gained 12 pounds over the past 6 weeks, yay. I'm wishing I was in Brazil and didn't have to go in for my monthly weigh ins. But usually the second trimester is the big gain one for me, so hopefully things will plateau now that I'm in the last trimester. Nice thing was that I was in and out of the appointment in just 20 minutes! That usually doesn't happen. Usually it takes hour, 45 minutes of which is me sitting up on the table twiddling my thumbs (when I forget my phone). Speaking of holding things... it makes my hands go numb, which is annoying. So much water retention... if I'm holding a pencil, curling iron, spoon, phone, pushing a stroller, they go numb. It's mostly my right hand. Also when I sleep on my right side. The murmurer in me vows never to do this again (she hates being pregnant.) The "this too shall pass" side of me tries to help me keep things in perspective, but she gets off work at 3:00 and then I'm left on my own to fight off the hormones. Just another 3 months (ugh!) I can do this!
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