Monday, June 6, 2016


Some of the kids are gone on a trip with extended family this week. Hyrum and Wes left first on Saturday with Corey's brother and his family. Then yesterday after church, Abi and Lily left with Grandma and Grandpa. They were super excited to be big kids headed out on their own adventure without mom and Dad.
They met up together with other cousins too in St. George and then headed to Phoenix Arizona. Stopping by to see the Grand Canyon~
The adults have been keeping us in the loop by texting photos to us. Gotta love technology.
I'm sure they've been having a great time so far. Eventhough Abi did call us last night in tears, she was quite besides herself with grief, she just missed us so bad. Cute, but we tried to help her toughen up a little, or atleast keep herself distracted so she could have fun.

So that is what the middle kids are doing. The older kids couldn't go cause they are leaving on a Pioneer Trek with our church on Wednesday. So we're a 6 kid family at the moment (it seems so quiet...) and from Wednesday through Saturday we'll just have 3 kids at home, weird. Natalie is fine and content, as is Owen, but Sophi knows everyone is gone and that she is missing out on something, so we'll probably try to do something fun for her too. She's got pretty simple requests, we should be able to make something happen. :)
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