Friday, June 24, 2016

First Steps

Today Owen was hanging around in the front room, just chillin' and holding onto the couches, while Joseph practiced his saxophone. After the music stopped, we heard Joseph talking like a goof and cheering for Owen. Naturally we were all interested in what was causing such excitement. Lily and her sisters were even pulled away from all of Lily's birthday loot. Soon we had all congregated to see and then to join in as members of the adoring crowd. Good job Owen! You're WALKING!!

It was cute to hear his little sisters cheer and squeal. Owen had a little hard time focusing with me there recording, but you get the idea. He did the best if he could walk toward Melodie, cause she is his other mother. The other kids just had to try their luck getting Owen to come to them - Owen was like the guinea pig in guinea pig lotto (see #12) ~ who to walk to... how to choose?!?
It's just too much to take in! So that is Owen's new trick and we had him perform for us again tonight for scriptures. Pretty good buddy!
Owen kinda skipped the crawling stage. He did the "man dying of thirst in the desert" body drag for two months and has only been really crawling on his hands and knees for two weeks. He's breaking all the baby rules. But we're pretty proud of him. Joseph walked at 11 months (right before Mel was born) so Owen is the 2nd fastest walker, pretty good for a kid we didn't think would ever get crawling down!
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