Thursday, June 2, 2016

"The One"

So, now we really might be ready for summer. As you may know, recently I made a little clip board weekly chore list thingys for the kids. First one worked kinda for about a month (but the kids felt like I was torturing them - cereal is a child's right that shall not be encroached upon), the second one didn't really take, but what can you do? It's just me trying yet again to come up with a system that works. How many things have I tried? Here's a few I've tried over the years:

My blog doesn't go back far enough for all the things I've tried since our family began. I have a filing cabinet that does but I won't pull all that out. Or show all the pinterest boards with chore ideas I've saved. I'll just say, I think we've finally found "the one" - the whole family chore board where I don't have to pay kids, I don't have to buy them stuff, I don't have to keep track really, it's a "everyone set your goals and work on achieving them" board that Corey presented to us last Friday. It's based off of Trello program that they use to manage tasks at work. It's pretty sweet. Friday afternoon Corey asked me if I had a white board. "Yes" "...and post it notes?" Yes. I thought he wanted it for Ethan to use for SBO stuff, but nope, this is for us! Corey got the family artist Melodie and told her what to write and how to make the layout, then she made it. 
That night he gathered the family around and showed them how this system works. 
He's been following up every night, seeing what the kids have in their "done" column, writing new things in their :"ideas" and "to dos". This isn't just for the kids, Corey and I get to put our stuff on here too! I really think this one is going to stick. I think partly because Corey's the genius behind this one. (Cause the kids listen to him!) They are all on task and it's pretty sweet. Kids writing tasks to help them reach their goals.
I'm kind of shaking my head though when I think of all my attempts... all my years of trying to get a chore system in place.... fail, fail, fail. Ok, I guess I had a little success for a few days or weeks, but nothing like what this man can whip out for this family with his first try.
He's tried and proved it at work, so I guess he didn't just whip it out, but I still feel like asking where he was hiding this great idea all these years!
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