Friday, June 3, 2016

Last Day of School

We made it ~ we're all officially out for the summer, yay! Last week was the last of school for Joseph and the jr. high kids, and today the elementary kids finished. Owen and I walked them to the bus stop to say bye for the last time ~ Bye Wes! Bye Abi!
At noon we went over to the elementary to watch the kids perform in a dance festival. Apparently they do it every year, cause Wes was telling me that he knows the dance Lily did for 1st grade cause he did it in 1st grade too. Where have I been for the past 5 years that this is the first dance festival I've been to? It was cute, the kids had fun. Lily did the Hukilau ~
Abi did some India dance "Shai Ho!" was what it sounded like.
Wes did some jumping between sticks thing.
I had Owen at my feet so I wasn't free to move around quick enough to get a better/closer picture of him. The zoom will have to do. Cute smile Wes!
Then after it was all done they got to be doused by a fire truck. They loved that part!
Well, Wes was a little cold. He didn't see it coming... he was talking with his friend Tess when he heard people screaming and then it started to rain big cold heavy raindrops on him.
They also said that happens every year, but I don't remember them coming home from school soaked on the last day... Maybe they were dry by the time the bus dropped them off, or maybe I'm just having total pregnancy memory cramps. Abi's shoulders got a little bit burned - I gotta remember to start putting on the sunblock, cause summer is here!
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