Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Free Wii

We've started a new experiment to help the kids get up and start their day... Also something that will help them not ask me during the day if they can play the Wii. The rule is this - Open Wii time goes from 7 am to 8 am. And that is the only time you guys can play Wii. Hyrum and Wes got up Monday morning for our first trial run. We told them they were disqualified from participating if they woke up to play for an hour and then went back to bed at 8. So they did good at staying awake. They were a little tired during the day, and they both did have a brief 20 min power nap. But over all the experiment went well for them. And, and this is the main key - They were ready for bed at 10pm! Yes! So it worked well. Abi and Lily were just sad that Hyrum and Wes didn't wake them up to participate. Today all four of them were up and Wii-ing at 7. 
We don't have a big variety of games. Mostly they just play Mario Kart. I like that that is a fun quick game they can all play together. 
Lily was a little frustrated "driving" her kart. I told her I get frustrated too. (...which is why I just don't play the Wii.)
I am impressed with their skill. I just don't care enough to try and gain such skill myself. The amount of frustration I feel each time I'd fall off the track (Rainbow Road) just makes it a not enjoyable experience at all. I'm glad Corey and the kids all like it. And I am impressed with their skill. I'd just rather go on a walk or read rather than try to improve upon my lack of skills. Happy to let them play though, we'll see if this Open Wii policy works to our overall benefit or not. I'm glad it gives them a reason to wake up in the mornings.
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