Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sittin' in a Tree

Abi and Lily, the two children that I have who are currently in elementary school, have taught their little sister one of the rights of elementary education. It is a little rhyme that all children use to tease other children about their crushes. Sophi has learned it well. I, as her mother, wanted to prevent any sibling teasing, and did so by offering up me and my crush as her objects to ridicule. Thus, this is now the new little song that she says over and over again...

Mom and Dad! Sitting in a tree
First comes love, then comes the marriage,
Then comes the baby in the baby carriage!

(oh, but the fun doesn't end there... 21st century kids have added two more lines!)

And that's not all, oh that's not all!
The baby got hit by a basketball!

But Sophi, still being a sensitive 4 year old, just can't bring herself to say those last two lines. If anyone else dares say anything bad happening to the baby, Sophi will look at them with a chastising glare and say: "The baby got hit by the basketball? That would be rude!!" So she's made up her own version:

And that's not all, that's not all!
The baby was eating an ice cream cone!
We told her that it doesn't rhyme, but she doesn't seem to care. She's cute. It was more cute the first 100 times she sang her little song. Today the teasing has gotten to me. Here I thought I was all tough and could handle the taunting about me and my boyfriend kissing in a tree. So we're trying to teach her some new songs to sing, about monkeys jumping on the bed and swinging in the trees teasing alligators. I guess I should count my blessings, cause they did finally move on from a month of singing the killer gummy bear song... Lily taught them that one too:

Gummy bears attacking me!
One is red, one is blue
One is pink and on my shoe.
Now I'm running for my life
Cause the green one has a KNIFE!!!

(and you have to scream "knife" there at the end, which they think is super funny.) Natalie sang that one a lot for a while, now she does the ABCs normal, and just adds the "green one has a knife" at the end of it instead of "next time won't you sing with me". So these songs can be a little un-learned with effort. Maybe I'll have to break out the old kid songs on CDs to give my ears a break!
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