Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Surprise Party

One of Abi's "goals" for summer was to plan a surprise party. She's planned to do the "surprise" for Corey and has been talking about it for weeks, which kinda throws off the "surprise" part of it in my opinion, but that's okay. Luckily my idea of what a surprise party consists of is not the same as what she was trying to do. It was a lot more low-key, which I appreciated. They put a table outside and put the cake and ice cream on it and then I texted as we were on the street so they could hide. Corey came in the house and Abi was waiting at the door to put a gold medal around his neck, then the rest of them jumped out from behind the couch to say "SURPRISE!"
Corey told them they are his best friends, no one has ever thrown him a surprise party before! We went into the back yard for him to open his presents. They all re-gifted him one or two of their random possessions, as you can see below. 
Abi had a few dollars to I took her to Dollar tree where she got him some candy and a thing of water balloons. Other presents were: a sea shell and a fish (that Kiran gave us) from Lily, two BYU magnets (a craft from last year at Park City) from Wes, and a little world marble from Hyrum. Sophi, seeing all the gifts, said "I got a present for you!" and ran upstairs to get her racoon Beanie Baby... "Here!" "Thank you!!!" Then they all ate cake and ice cream on the trampoline, which I'm sure was a highlight. They all light up anytime Corey gets on the trampoline.
Owen and I chilled on the grass. 
Next, Abi announced it was time for an activity: water fight. Corey was the only one with ammunition (the water balloons Abi gave him), but the kids still held their own. Well, for beginner water fighters atleast. Corey took some advantage of their lack of experience. Such as when Wes went after Corey with a water gun when Corey had the hose.
 Don't forget rule #1: THE HOSE WINS
Wes and Abi got soaked!
Rule #2: don't fill up buckets all the way.
Lily complained that it was unfair that Corey had two buckets. "Here Lil, you can have one. Let me help, we'll give you lots of water!!" "Yeah!" she cheered as Corey left to get Abi again. She hid under the trampoline. Then Corey dumped it on the trampoline, she was surprised as it all fell over down on top of her. A few minutes later... Lily called for help: "It's too heavy!" Corey took half and went out again to soak his opponents. Another tip that Abi didn't know: she came up to Corey with her stockpile of waterballoons tucked inside her swimsuit. She didn't see it coming when Corey came up and slapped the balloons while they were inside. Next time she'll remember that she runs the risk of that happening. Corey had a few air filled decoy balloons which also made the game fun. Corey's a pro water balloon fighter. He also always says that is one of the funnest things about being a dad: You're the tallest, the fastest, the strongest, and the most clever kid in the fight - Dads always win!
The fight ended with a good counter attack by Abi and Wes combined. Lily and Natalie got in the middle of it. They were a little shocked to find themselves soaked...
...and then smiled! 
Owen got a few sprays too, which I thought he took well for a zero year old. It was fun, an evening and a surprise birthday party that I'm sure the kids will remember.
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