Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pioneer Ready

I worked most of the day yesterday helping the teenagers get ready for their Pioneer Trek. Today I took another trip to the thrift store with Ethan and we got more clothes and then came home so I could adjust them all as I attempted (for the first time in a few years?) to brush up on my sewing skills. I made an apron for Mel from an old sheet and then changed four thrift store button up shirts into pioneer shirts for Joseph and Ethan. They are looking pretty pioneer-y! I was almost done with the last shirt late last night when my sewing machine needle broke. So then I was done, and went to the store to get a new one this morning. Then I finished Ethan's shirt, made a brown vest for Joseph (also from a thrift store shirt, and get this - I made a bonnet!!
Made that out of a brown and white checkered jumper from the thrift store. Ugly jumper, but I think it made a great bonnet!! Mel had a red bonnet that I friend let her borrow, but she was hoping we could get a different one cause it didn't match. Hm, I don't think coordinating colors was a high priority for the pioneers, but glad I could help in this area. I actually got the jumper for an apron but she wanted a white apron, luckily I had a white sheet on hand. Ethan was pretty stoked about his outfit...
There he is practicing his early missionary preacher pose I guess?
Yeah, he wore his outfit all day. Said he didn't know I was so sew-ey and that he's sure they'll be the best dressed pioneers on the trail. I don't know about that, but thanks for making me feel like I did impressive work. I do what I can. It was helpful that they played with Owen most of the day as I sat at the machine. We'll see how this weekend goes with all my big baby sitters gone!
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