Thursday, September 29, 2016

Going Through Pictures

A few pictures from the camera that deserved to be shared
~ Flowers that Corey's parent's brought me at the hospital - lovely!

~ Natalie asleep on our floor Monday morning (delivery day), I thought she looked like a little angel. Her hair was up in a pony tail the day before, so cute.
~ September 18th, Sunday evening before the big day... The kids were outside on the trampoline with Corey (The Sabbath day of rest is usually not so much a day of rest for him, but a day of kids begging and pleading for him to play) So they sat out there, I took a picture from our bedroom deck, they called up to me to let me know that the children have decided that each of them will have 10 kids, so I am going to have 110 grandchildren!
"You'll have to bring our kids birthday presents every three days!" Yes, you guys are good at math. You are correct that 110 grandkids will average about one birthday every 3 days of the year. If that is the case, I'm not going to have to figure out how to manage that... Not going to worry about that just yet though. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.

~ And another one at the hospital, taking a picture of Daniel next to my phone for size reference. He is just a itty-bity cutie patootie. We love him so much!!
Daniel finally passed his bilirubin today. On Tuesday when we got the okay to leave the hospital, it had gone down to 11. They wanted me to bring him in for a blood test the next day to make sure it was okay. I did on Wednesday. It had gone up 2 points to 13. So then they wanted me to go in again on Thursday, sigh, so I did. Luckily it was still at 13, it had leveled off, so I didn't have to take him in to get his heel pricked for bilirubin ever again, hooray,we're done! Well, for a week anyway... next Wednesday you gotta do the PKU stuff. I never like all the pediatric visits with newborns, Once we get past 2 months it's really nice. I know they're just watching out for us and shall try to be good and obedient to their requests. 
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