Sunday, October 24, 2010

McDonalds in Liberia

So after having fun at the Parque Nacional Rincon de la Vieja, we decided we just had to go to McDonald's, seeing as it's a special treat to go there, plus 2 hours away.

Corey pulling in... going to park the car of course, and I kinda roll my eyes cause I forgot again there'd be one of these:

Corey's got a soft spot in his heart for these budding entrepreneurs. Here's this guy - puts on some vest to make himself feel official, goes down and hangs around the McDonald's parking lot to help people not hit lampposts and keep an eye on their cars while they eat. Cause everyone knows the McD's parking lot is where all the high crime takes place, and that goodness gracious people just don't know how to park. These guys are at the beach too, giving us little tickets that say "Parking" that you can tell they made themselves for us to put in our windshields. Corey's good and knows they'll be waiting for him, so he always leaves home with a few extra bucks in his pocket for "parking". I don't remember. Sorry guys!

As we got out of the car, I looked at Corey who had streaks of dirt and mud all over him, and commented "You're the dirtiest one!" to which he quickly and smartly replied "...and I didn't even do anything... (then correcting himself...) I carried kids and shoes." 5 points Gryffindor for making me laugh again, Corey. Yes, carrying the kids and taking care of the logistics are usually the dirtiest jobs. Thanks again for letting me play, sweetheart

The kids gobbled up all their fries and burgers. We're still under-buying the amount of food we think we'll need. But they're starting to get better at eating all their food at restaurants, so we might start to up the level.

I had a bite of hamburger. It was pretty good! It was a very nice McD's. It was well taken care of. It's at the northwest corner of the only stop light intersection in Liberia (I realized today that there are hardly any stoplights here in the country side of Costa Rica. There's one in Santa Cruz where we go to for church (half hour away) and then this one in Liberia, and that's all we've seen so far. None in Villareal, Tamarindo, Huacas, Belen, Filadelfia, I hadn't realized it these past 6 weeks and found it interesting.

Corey was really enjoying eating his McNifico burger and saying "Es McNifico!" (Magnifico means magnificent in Spanish) Cute name for the burger, good job McD's Espanol marketing person.

And our parking attendant giving us the clear to go. I thought this was great pic. And you can see behind him the Liberia stop light. Thanks McD's, maybe we'll see you again! If not, in the US for sure.

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