Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Lego Master Lily

The title of "Current Wride Kid Lego Master" was recently bestowed upon Lily.
She received this recognition for all of her work reconstructing the Lego Elves Dragons. This is something she's been working at almost everyday for weeks! Some of her siblings (and also her mother!) felt this was a nearly impossible task given that the pieces were all lost in our Lego area mess. To know the extent of that mess, refer to the link above. Last month, Lily had 2 of them done. And a few weeks later, she's finished three more!
Lily, that is pretty incredible. Lily, you're given all of us a great example of what determination and consistency will do! Her sisters were happy to have their Dragons back and they have been playing Elves for a few days, flying around the house.
Some pictures of their set up downstairs - each dragon lives in a house and with a person that matches their color.
I'm super impressed Lily, way to go. I think Lily is going to make sure they don't get broken again after working so hard to fix them.
She's still working on the one last dragon, and she's hoping to get more Elf legos soon - she's already requested the Goblin King lego set with his dragon for her birthday next month. Cause the bad guys need a dragon too, cause they have to fly pretty far to play in the lego game, as they are outcasts on the total opposite side of the basement, lol.
This is Lily this morning before I woke her up. See the toes there?
No one was in the bed with her this time, but I still don't know how she sleeps here in a toddler bed with so many stuffed toys! I guess it's possible, but you just gotta be real tuckered out from all your hard work building legos all day.

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