Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Say Yes

Well, it's near the end of another school year. Which means it's time for more campaigning. Wesley was inspired by his older brothers and their school spirit. He's decided to go for governor like Ethan did. This time it's Wesley's turn. Even though he had an unsuccessful "Wes We Can" run for 7th grade Mayor last fall, he's going for the lead role again, this time as student body governor.
The slogan this time around ~ Say Yes to the WES! Look at that, Wesley is a "the", like "The Donald" (ugh). Wesley is going to be "The Wes" for a week or so as he vies for votes. We had a hard time figuring out where to put the pieces on his t-shirt, and we put the words on first, thinking we wouldn't do his face at all, and then put his face near his rear end. If we were to do it again, we'd put the picture of him on top, but oh well, it'll have to do.
Good luck Wes! There are three people running for governor. Primaries are Friday, and so if he makes it past primaries, he has to do a video which is due Monday. They're cramming this in last minute, but I guess it's better than dragging it out.

One other cute moment from today - after Sophi got home from school, Natalie came running downstairs with Daniel - they both had binkies in their mouths and were saying "Goo-goo! Gaa-gaa!" Owen seemed to know they were imitating him, but he didn't take offense and goo-goo'd along with them. Silly kids. When Sophi got home from kindergarten, they opened the door (it's their chance to escape!) and she quickly joined the game by grabbing a binky too -
You guys realized that those have weeks and months of Owen's dried slobber on them, right? I guess it's good for your immune system? 

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