Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wesley's SBO Video

Wesley made it past primaries in his bid for the governorship at his junior high. Getting past primaries means you get to do a video. Corey needed to get work done over the weekend, so I volunteered to help Wes do the video on Saturday. With Joseph and Wes helping me, we wrote out a script that was a long the lines of following the "Yes to the Dress" theme. I did the video recording, narrating, we called some friends to come over to help play the parts of the faculty, 6th and 7th grade. We had it all done I thought, so we just needed to have Joseph edit it, which he agreed to do. Corey checked in on the video status several times during the day and I reassured him that I had it under control "I got it, don't you worry!" but then, Sunday night.... Wesley had misplaced his copy of the rules. At a Mother's Day bbq on Sunday night, his cousin, who also goes to Churchill, told us about a few details that she knew about from helping another friend with their video. And that was when Wes learned that we had not followed the requirements by having a few people in the video that were not Churchill students. So, great, what do we do now? It was Sunday night, and his video was due Monday morning. Wes was in a panic, I threw up my hands, I'm not good at this stuff anyway (I admit the video we shot didn't live up to how clever it was in my mind) Anyone got a plan B? Joseph? Eth? Anybody able to help Wesley out? I took care of little kids and we all went to bed, Corey said that he would take Wes to school after helping him in the morning. (So much for Corey not having to worry about it!) I woke up Wes in the morning at the regular time and he and Corey worked away on it - they ended up spending most of of the day searching the blog for pics (I guess that is my positive contribution to this, yay) filming, and editing. They finished around 2 pm and Wes went and caught the last part of the last class period (sluffer!). Corey made a few small changes to the video yesterday, so this might not actually be the one they show the school, but it's pretty close - here is the new edited version:

Today is the dress rehearsal, so Wesley took a thumb drive with this newer edited version on it to school and is going to see if they'll let him switch it. They show it to the school on Friday in an assembly right before voting. Good luck Wes!

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