Friday, May 4, 2018

Little Lady Liberty

Today Sophi had her kindergarten program "American Symbols On Parade". She was a little lady liberty and did such a good job.
Once the program started, I got a kick out of how all the phones went up to record, including mine, what a funny culture we live in. Like Jim Gaffigan said "I have more pictures of my kids than my dad ever saw me..."
Sophi singing and shimmying her little hips.
I didn't see all of the program, cause I was watching my other three little people who were running wild. Thankfully they found the special needs room early on, which kept them quite entertained for the duration of the program, hallelujah.
They took turns pulling each other on the wagon.
Daniel was very much in his element in the little ball pit.
I think it's like a warm bubble bath with candles, but the toddler version of it.
Ethan just saw this picture and thought it was a bowl of cereal, and it threw him off when he saw Daniel chillin' in it.
It worked out great, cause this special needs room was right by a long dead end hallway, and the only way to get out was back where I was standing watching the program. So that was nice to know that they couldn't escape and I could watch some of the show. A picture with Dad after the performance.
Pose for a few more pictures for me, Sophi! You're super cute.
Gosh, she's getting big. My little Sophi, all grown up and representing America.

Corey, distracting Daniel from his tranquil zone by dropping balls on his belly. Time to get up and go home buddy.
Oh! But I forgot! First root beer floats in the classroom, fun!
Daniel and Owen eating their scoop in the doorway...
Then at the Lego table...
As we headed to the car, the kids really wanted to go to the playground, but we can't go on it during school hours. The school students were out at recess and the sounds were just calling to my little ones. They wanted to go play at a park. So we did, and what a fun surprise, there was a pony ride!
Miss Gayle and her pony Coco. Owen wouldn't get on the buggy cause he's a little timid kid. But nothin' scares Daniel (not even a big scary gorilla)
Sophi kept playing Lady liberty after we got home, but she changed into a green dress, to properly represent the copper coloring.
Sophi on her own Ellis Island... on our dead end street.
Lily had made Sophi a tablet with the JULY IV MDCCLXXVI inscription on it. Now she's all set.
Speaking of Liberty, there is a beautiful video on Operation Underground Railroad's facebook page - a song by Madeline Page and Gentri. It made me think it was appropriate that I wore my OUR t-shirt today. #FreedomForAll
Child sex slavery, this is our chance, cause this is real. We can make a difference. This is our chance

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