Saturday, May 19, 2018

Little Cottonwood Creek and Trail

I went on a morning walk this morning, and it was sooo lovely. 
Oh, this canyon makes me feel so happy!
My heart was full and singing with "I love life!" and "I love this world!!" I teared up looking at this rock with it's drill holes - I thought of the work and sacrifice that went on in this canyon years ago to create the Salt Lake Temple. Working for their God, sacrificing for future generations, so we can be sealed to our families forever. The creek is so amazing ~
...the flowers are so cute and lovely ~
it's just heaven. Sigh, I love where we live, I love nature, I love the sound of the water, I love the shaded path ~
I just love everything today.
Me thinks I should go on a walk up here everyday.
After an hour of walking and telling myself "just a little bit more" I decided it was time to turn around and hurry home.
Walking back down the canyon -
I was feeling so happy that I thought even the dandelions should be represented and appreciated for their contribution to the world.
The symmetry is a redeeming quality. But know this, if you show up in my yard, you're dead.
Tiny tiny white flowers!
So after 2 hours of being on cloud 9, I headed home with plans to bring the kids up later today to show them the wonderland I discovered. Good news is - I found a short cut and a very close place to park - so we could park and then be on the the shaded trail. We headed up the canyon around 7pm  - Mel, Wesley, Natalie, Owen and Daniel. Bad news - it was evening time and the mountain bikers were heading home - many of them coming down the mountain VERY fast. So there was a risk that if I wasn't diligent and constantly on alert, one of my toddlers might get run over, which took away somewhat from the relaxing nature walk I envisioned for us. Still, it was great. Wesley discovered this granite rock with a ton of drill holes in it, I was surprised that I hadn't noticed it this morning, wow! I'm guessing this was the practice rock back in the quarry days?
Mel took one look and was ready to throw up.
(She's got trypophobia. I first learned about that from Stephanie Nielsen, funny post) Daniel wanted to poke his fingers in the holes.
So fun. Owen wanted to put little broken sticks in them. But he was mostly entertained by throwing rocks into the river, followed by giving a "Woo-hoo!" cheer to himself.  Natalie was proud of how big she was, she can hold a BIG stick! She had it over her head like Atlas, but my phone camera wasn't quick enough -
Owen's turn to put sticks in the big rock in the background there. It was such a huge rock. So cool.
I've decided next Saturday our summer tradition begins - "Morning hikes with Mom!" It's gonna be great. 


  1. This is my favorite trail in the whole wide world. It's always so shaded, cooler, and just beautiful. And family friendly!

    1. I agree! Thanks for commenting and for stopping by! :)


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