Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Our neighbor Ashley took these pictures. She's got a Canon EOS Rebel T1i. (sigh) Someday!

Look at that color and quality! I love it. Now Wesley should be next in order here, but alas, he is not photographed, as his blood got thinned out in Costa Rica and he doesn't like swimming here in this "cold" weather.

Lily wanted to join the fun, so Corey took her in without a swimsuit. He did a good job keeping her top dry. Bottom, not so good, but she was happy and that's what counts.

Ashley and Kurt and kids are heading back to the States on Saturday and we're going to miss them, Abi will especially miss Makinlee.

And they are going to miss the warm weather here... Mom said 9° was the high today!? I don't think I have a memory of it ever being that cold! Wow. As for us, enjoying some 26°C = 79°F today in Santiago! I'll try not to rub it in :)

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  1. Wonderful photos! Swimming pictures are so great, but with a good camera, they are fantastic. They capture the joy of childhood! And I am so jealous. It's -8 here right now. I'd love some WARM sunshine!


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