Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Twelve on 12*12*12

Mel turned 12 today.  12 on 12/12/12.  Pretty cool.
At school her class sang happy birthday to her at 12:12.  Fun. I think she's had a good birthday.  She had Raspberry white chocolate cheesecake in her lunch, Sweet Tooth Fairy delights for her friend party after school, she's been enjoying her gifts that her very generous grandparents and friends gave.
Her brother's hovered near by coveting her gifts, telling her she's so spoiled. (Although I don't think we could spoil Mel.  She's just an angel.) She got her long asked for pogo stick from Gma G, Ethan drooling over her art set from Corey
Abi and Lily have been eyeing some jewelry and sparkley stuff she received from Gma H.  I'm sure the battles over protecting stuff will resume. 
Gotta figure out how to keep the little ones from destroying everything in sight.  That has been on my mind today as they've taken all the ornaments off the bottom half of the tree again. I think I'll need to vent about that soon.

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