Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sick Day 2

Well, we're sick.  Sick = fever and sore throat.  Joe's sick but he still wanted to go to school today.  Go for it, don't breath on anybody.  Mel's sick, Ethan's sick, Hyrum has a tummy ache but no sore throat or fever, Wes is sick, Abi's fever is gone but she still seems pretty miserable, and Sophi is warm too but I think her fever is from teething - she's got molars coming in and was gnawing on her pointer fingers last night as she tried to breath through the discomfort, she's a tough cookie.  Everyone slept in extra long this morning and then they are all still laying around.  Including Sophi, I've never seen her just lay on the couch holding still for over 10 minutes.
It made us all laugh how she was crossing her little ankles ~ just taking it easy.


  1. We're all sick at our house, too. It has gone around and around and has been miserable. But we only have 4 people! I can't even imagine the toll it must take in your household. Good luck! (i have been enjoying just staying home in pjs, though.) :)

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