Monday, December 24, 2012

Blocked Sewer - Ew...

Merry Christmas Eve.  I still feel miserable, but today I am glad that I've spent most of the day vertical and not horizontal.  Cough is almost gone, throat feels a lot better, congestion and headache still lingering.  Took a bath around 11, shortly after that Mel let me know that the carpet in her room was wet, we found out the drain there by her room with the hot water heater was clogged.  Flooding into her room and also in another part of the basement too by a toilet pipe.  Our hero the plumber was able to put the puzzle pieces together and found the problem - not just a clogged drain, it was a blocked pipe.  His 100 ft. cable wasn't able to find and clear out the clog, so he had to drive downtown to get a longer cable.  4 hours later and we're all good and able to flush toilets again.  Counting our blessings - glad this happened on Christmas Eve and while we were home, not on Christmas Day.  Going to have to rip out the carpet in the basement again though.  Drat.  It's okay, didn't totally love that evergreen colored carpet anyway. 

Here's a happy video to end the Eve on a positive note.
Merry Christmas

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