Friday, December 21, 2012

Sick Day 3

Things are the same around here, possibly a little worse.  Lily's got a really sore throat and was up 5 times last night, but is completely unwilling to take medicine or cough drops with a little voice protesting "It is disgusting!!!!"  This morning we finally got her to choke some down with a spoonful of sugar and some apple juice, but hasn't seemed to help her too much yet.  Corey's used the word "damned" twice today to describe our household.  When Lily went in wailing this morning as Corey's good morning call, he commented "We're like the house of the damned..." and then later when several kids were moaning, Corey said "It's like watching damned souls..."  Kinda funny. 

I'm feeling better though. 

We watched movies all day yesterday.  Today they were well enough and the house was a wreck enough that we made them clean.  The kids were also well enough to get into several arguments.  Corey had promised them they could watch a movie after they cleaned their rooms, which they eventually did, but because of all the bickering we had to endure during the long process of cleaning, he revoked their listening privileges and is not letting them have the volume on...

"Dad!  You promised we could watch it!!!"  

"I will let you 'watch' it.  I didn't promise you could hear it."  

"This is so annoying!"  

"Not as annoying at listening to you guys fight." 
Good news is I was able to continue vacuuming after they started the movie and it didn't matter.  :) 

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