Monday, December 31, 2012

In With The New

So, 2012, you are coming to an end tonight.  You've been a pretty good year to us, can't complain.  The whole Mayan Calendar thing was a little anti-climactic, but other than that, you did good.

I'm glad we survived this last month.  We just told the kids on Christmas that we are expecting again, due July 15th.  So this past month has been terrible cause I was hit with a double whammy of being sick plus the worst of the morning sickness.  I'm 12 weeks today so praying that the placenta will take over and I'll be able to feel normal again for a while.  Going to enjoy every minute of the 2nd trimester as much as I cursed the 1st trimester over this past month.  Plus that being sick was really terrible, just about killed me, I've always felt that I was pretty robust and strong and not prone to illness or colds.  So that was hard.  During one evening when I did feel well enough to sit at the desk, I came to the computer to search for answers where all truth can be found: Google. I googled "Why did God morning sickness" and found this great post which gave me some comfort and helped me refocus my thoughts on the Lord.  Especially this thought helped:

May I not waste my morning sickness by forgetting what it meant that Christ suffered to bring me life. ~ Christ suffered in so much greater ways for me! When I am tempted to self pity, it helps to remember Christ and all that he did on the cross, so that I can have life.
2013, Corey says, is going to be a GREAT year.  Well, then great! Looking forward to it!  He says this is the year where the stars will align (aka his business is going to take off!!!  Yes!) and as he works toward that end, I'll be looking forward to another angel baby. 
(Oh Sophia!  You are such a pretty little thing!)


  1. Congratulations! I wonder which way the scales will tip for your family, are you going to have more boys than girls now or vice versa... hmmmmmm... I bet the girls will outnumber the boys. :)

  2. Congrats! My parents named their ninth child and fifth girl Jana. Just a thought! Haha!

  3. Congrats!!! How exciting! I have been sick so much this fall and winter. It's been a bad one.

  4. Congrats!!! How exciting! I have been sick so much this fall and winter. It's been a bad one.


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