Tuesday, December 18, 2012


So Abi is sick again, this time with a fever and sore throat.  Giving her tylenol and being more compassionate to protect myself from bad karma.  But then, as I observe her behavior, I start to wonder if maybe she really is just a little dramatic person?  Cause yesterday with Wesley's help, Abi learned she had a loose tooth, and later she lost the tooth, and boy was her world coming to an end over the course of those several hours.  She couldn't/wouldn't eat anything cause it hurt her tooth, so she was hungry, sick, she kept wiggling it though so it was at over a 45 degree angle sticking out, I finally made her lay down (so she wouldn't faint at the blood) so I could get the tooth out and we could hopefully move on with our lives.  Got it out, then she lost it on the floor and we haven't found it yet, but I told her the tooth fairy will still visit her.
Poor kid, doing the best she can with her small troubles.  Nothing compared to what other children and parents and families in our country faced over the weekend.  Praying for all of them, I just cried as I read through these tributes to each of the victims on CNN.  Just beautiful children.  So sad.

In addition to that, Friday morning we also heard sirens and could see the lights from the firetruck out our windows from a housefire down the street.  Turns out two people were murdered and then their bed set on fire.  I didn't know them, it's still under investigation as they try to figure out what happened, but that curtailed night games by the kids as they all felt it was too dangerous outside.  Childhood slipping away as some of the sad and evil realities of this fallen world raise their ugly heads. 

Pain, suffering, and sadness are a part of this mortal experience.  As much as we might like to skip this course of learning, we can't if we want to learn and become who God wants us to become.  There are lessons we have to learn.  Christ was not spared agony and suffering, we shouldn't expect to be either.  Although we can take comfort in knowing that he knows our pain, He's been there and He can heal us.  He did not come to remove our pain, He came to heal our pain.  Praying for all the families and friends of those in Newton to feel His healing power.

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