Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Almost Teen

Joe is our first up and coming teenager, and hence we're trying to figure out our policy regarding the technological issues that are new to us and going to be issues with each up and coming child in line.  We haven't figured out what we want to do yet, seeing as we didn't use them when we were teens. Joe got an iphone last year for Christmas.  The novelty of it wore off pretty quickly since we didn't buy him a phone plan, he basically just used it as an itouch.  He stopped using it over the summer and tried to trade it in for a basketball hoop (which we didn't get yet).  But then he started using the kid's cell phone to text and we didn't like that too much, seeing him hurry to text beeps from his pal across the street who he can call and spends most of the day with anyway, just kinda seemed dumb.  (No complaints about his BFF though, they are both great kids)
So anyway, over the weekend Joe took his "I'm growing up I'd like more freedom" request up a notch and tried to discuss at every available moment with his father over the weekend the topic of him getting an Instagram/facebook account. Even coming up to his slumbering father and having a verbal one sided conversation with him as Corey took a nap on Sunday afternoon.  Which did wake him up and irritate him.  Although he didn't reward Joe by opening his eyes or joining in the conversation that apparently just couldn't wait.  Joe is such a great kid, so we kinda feel bad making this so difficult on him, but we just want to do our best to try and help him stay great. 

So, yes, a new experience is upon us with our first teenager, who shall officially "teen" next month.  Melodie, it will be interesting to see how Jr. High changes this angel.  I guess along as she still is in love with her guinea pigs and more interested in them than with talking on the phone, we're still safe. 
And guess what, she is going to have a pretty cool birthday this year cause check this out... she is turning 12 on 12/12/12.  I bet there are not too many people who can claim that.  Gonna help her set an alarm too at 12:12 so she can really party it up for that minute there.  :)


  1. this is an issue in our house too. it's really hard to know what to do. we don't have a cell phone for kids yet, thinking maybe christmas. as for facebook and instagram...i think i am making them wait until high school. it gets ugly, and luckily my almost teenager isn't interested yet ;)

    best of luck...these are some uncharted waters we are sailing.


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