Friday, February 1, 2013

Magical Forest

With all the snow outside, and since we live next to a undeveloped lot, sometimes I can look out our upstairs window and it looks like the land of Narnia to me.  We are very fortunate, I don't think there are many homes with a magical land of imagination next door.  Last Friday, we were getting ready to go out for a family day of fun, when Lily who was protesting "I never going to go" and Corey who was trying to coax her to come willingly, happened to look up out the window to see a Bambi. 
"Look Lily!  There's a deer!"
Wait, are there three deer?  4?  We called the other kids to come and see, Mel counted seven deer in all.  Lily wanted to go pet them and be friends with them like Snow White, but unfortunately they are scared of people forms.  But as we got in the car and backed out of the driveway, we were able to back up very close to where they were and all take a good look.  They looked at us too.
They aren't scared of mini vans, apparently.  They weren't skittish at all. 
Pretty fun to live so close to nature!  We are in the city but not of the city.

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