Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine's Day Advent

Saw this idea yesterday on House of Smith's (as I avoided cleaning my house) ~ and I didn't just thunk it, I did it!!!  Abi went to the store with me, we bought more candy than I'd like the kids to consume in 14 days (but I didn't have time to think about or shop around for other options...) and we were off. Abi helped me make our sacks ~
I decided we'd add a Valentines-ish thing to do for each day such as:
I was thinking I'd stuff the bags at night time when there would be no little eyes spying, but decided not to so we could try to keep to our planned schedule.  So into the kitchen with the goodies.  Despite trying to keep this a secret/surprise, Abi ran up the stairs to tell her siblings about the loot, they all came bounding down asking "Can I have some candy?!?!"  No.  And they continued to beg for handouts while we tried to stuff the sacks.  Then one by one I lined them up along the top of the front room window where they can be seen daily and eagerly anticipated.  Anticipation is half the fun you know!
I was worried about having them in view of toddler Lily who might not understand why we can't open more than one sack a day, but I'll try to handle it like a good mom.  And hopefully they're high enough she won't be able to sneak them.  I didn't make them all cute like the House of Smiths lady ~ I'm just leaving myself room for improvement.  We'll see how it goes this year and take it up a notch next year if I like it. 
And I started my valentine wreath, not a day too late.  Sophi held the cardboard in place while I cut it, so helpful.  It's going to be a DIY combination of these ideas 1 - 2 & 3 - fun fun  :)

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