Monday, February 18, 2013

See Ya Highchair

Sophia isn't gonna take it anymore.  She's not gonna tolerate different treatment at dinner time. 
No more of this "baby in the highchair" garbage.  Valentine's Day pictured below was the first day that she stood her ground, so we gave it a go to see how she did sitting at the table with the rest of the crew.
She was super excited and her official opinion was: Thumbs up!  (She doesn't get to use the glass plate though, we'll see if she notices that I'm still discriminating...)
Of course, nothing new can happen around here without everyone wanting to be the ones experiencing it, so there was the fighting and bargaining and trading of places deciding who got to sit by her.  Abi lost and just stood behind Sophi for a while, upset.  Sigh, ya just can't win.  So Sophi's eating at the table with us, she's officially moved up.  She's not a baby anymore.  Good news is she's not any messier than anyone else at the table, so I just have a table to clean up, not a table and a high chair.  And I also get to clear out some visual clutter and move the highchair downstairs for a few months.  :) 

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