Wednesday, February 6, 2013


We had a fun overnighter ski trip to Wolfcreek on Jan 25th.  Joseph was on a winter campout with his Scout group, sleeping in an ice cave.  Our accommodations were much better than his as we kicked it in a room that sleeps 10.  After the kids bargained and fought over bed arrangements for 2 hours, we had dinner, snacked on some popcorn just like the good ol' days in Costa Rica (trough style) and then let them watch tv.
Corey got some work done, I read parenting books, and we had a nice do nothing evening. 
Ethan, however, has a goal to practice his sax an hour a day, so he was suffering greatly as he heard the other kids laughing "so hard" and having "so much fun" while he practiced - no fair!  We told him to put a sock in it and he did. (Didn't want bother the neighboring units too much).  Good job sticking to your goals Ethan, he's on his way to becoming a high school music legend!
The next day the kids got up and got dressed and didn't eat enough of the pancakes and eggs I made before they left for skiing with Dad.  Corey up on Wolf Mountain with 7 kids.  Made me tired just thinking about it, but he's amazing.  I got to graciously pass cause I'm pregnant.  I was content to stay and pack up the amazing mess we made in a mere 12 hours while this little face did her best to stop any of my efforts at productivity.  (she's so cute!)
After I checked out of our room, I headed over to the lift and watched Corey in action.  He's amazing.

One kid between his legs, another holding his pole.  He had Lily with him and he helped Abi and Lily most of the time while the older kids helped Wes - one on each side of him, letting him hold their poles while they went down the mountain.  Didn't look very safe from the video footage I saw later, but he survived.  They had a few races and everyone had fun.  Corey took Abi and Wes on a few runs while I swapped ski stuff in the cars, then I took the little girls and got to head home while the rest of them spent the day on the mountain.  It was perfect.  :) 

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