Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Silly Lily

Lily was running around in circles from the kitchen through the front room and the study, singing some random song and dressed up in this get-up.  I thought it was so funny - What are you thinking little person?  Just what goes on in that head of yours, silly?
Running around in a pillowcase with a flower lei and a winter hat.  Funny kid.  Love it when they are in their own little silly world.  She also looked super cute when she got dressed up to go play outside ~
Not sure where we got that hat but it always makes me laugh when she wears it.
She was dressed up in Abi's coat, which was a tad to big for her, with the Santa gloves, seems like something out of a post card of a cute kid playing in the snow.  The sweetness and innocence of a child.
Love you Lily

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