Friday, February 8, 2013


Mel dressed Sophi up as a Cowgirl, it was really cute.
I think Sophi likes guns.  She was pow-powing everyone and loving it.
I would appear she is in favor of Second Amendment rights.
I told her it's not necessary to get politically involved at her age, but you know kids, they just don't listen
Sophi couldn't walk very well in the boots since they came up to mid-thigh on her.  When she took them off, Lily saw her chance to move in and then she was the cow-kid.  We were eating dinner and Lily was mysteriously missing, I found her drawing in Ethan's "Diary of a Wimpy Kid Journal" on one of the blank pages. 
Ethan saw it too, and we smiled and didn't want to disturb her cause the little figure she was drawing was probably her best yet!
She said it was Sophia, complete with eyelashes and a bow in her hair, so cute, Good job Little Lily!

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