Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ski Injury

Corey took Mel and Ethan skiing on Saturday.  It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining.  Even here in the valley the sun was bright and the smog had cleared.  They had a great day skiing and thought they could get in one more run before the lift closed, but alas, it was cut short when Ethan took a nasty fall that ended like this:
 Poor Eth strapped to a sled and being dragged down the mountain...

They called me around 4 and Ethan told me his leg was broken.  When they got home, they said the x-rays showed it wasn't broken, just sprained.  He's got a sprained MCL.  Pictures a little fuzzy, but look at that defeated little face.
After getting his crutches he seemed to have fun, got some attention at church on Sunday.  He crutched to the bus stop and seemed excited for school on Monday, but then some kid pushed Ethan over during recess - they were talking and he said "your not hurt, you're wearing both your shoes, you're faking it" and with the ace bandage was under his pants you couldn't tell, anyway this kid said Ethan was faking and pushed him to prove it I guess, Ethan fell down.  He said it was a terrible day and his tears were ready to prove it when he came home.  The stories they share sometimes make me wish they were all home, but Ethan wants to go to school.  Last year he was picked on enough that he was begging us to let him stay home and he homeschooled the 2nd half of the year, and then he was so sad when he missed "Field Day" and he also wished he could have won the prize for reading the most minutes which he was on track to getting.  So this year he's determined to not bail out.  His teacher is great, but lots of kids are stinkers.  Kinda sad.

Fun news is he's learning appreciation, getting injured always does.  Amazing all the things we just expect to work everyday.  Kinda like the kids in this video.  He's very impressed with his Grandma.  Don't they look cute together?
Ethan's armpits are sore and he's amazed that his Grandma's been doing this for years.  I just tell him "Try to be grateful, cause you should be - your leg very easily could have been broken and you'd have 5+ weeks of those crutches instead of just a week." 

And on the Home front, I'm working on creating a Home Management Book (see Chapter 18 of Large Family Logistics - although I think it's kinda similar to Fly Lady's Control Journal which I started once but never finished)

I have started to type up my Days and Schedules and Routines, but haven't printed them up yet.  But as I've had them in my head and am following them, this week has gone great so far (2 days into it!).  Yesterday I started the day with my routine - up before the kids for some personal study time, then got them up at 6:30 and we all folded laundry cause Monday is Laundry Day.  The lady who wrote this book homeschools all her kids, so everything she suggests isn't going to work for us like it does for her, but great advice.  Today is Kitchen day, Abi has got her apron on and we're vacuuming out the crumbs from the drawers and wiping out the fridge.  Fun fun!

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