Friday, February 22, 2013

Flower Vase out of a Juice Bottle

After buying some nice framed pictures on Monday at Home Goods, I thought I'd take another shot at prettying up our bathroom.  I put some flowers by the tub but they were in a glass vase - which made me a little nervous that I'd forget to grab it sometime when I gave the kids a bath and would end up with shards of glass in the tub.  But I didn't want to use one of our big metal vases, so I spent an hour last night superglue-ing some jute twine to a Dole Juice bottle to make this pretty vase with it's natural fibers to give some nice texture to our bathroom and it's up and coming decor. I was quite pleased with the outcome.
I got the idea from here - I've made a few of these knock off hemp balls.  Haven't done anything with them yet except let the kids throw them around the house.  But I like them and shall do something with them soon since I have a vase that matches them now.  Superglue + jute twine = easy and thifty, perfect. 

It took me longer than I wanted to super-glue it, like an hour.  I worked on it for 40 minutes before dinner and then another 20 minutes after.  I was quite happy with how it turned out.  Was going to do a peanut butter jar too, but that one's gonna wait until I need it.
I spray-painted the bottles, cause after making those jute balls and not gluing the first one tightly enough, I learned the white shows through the layers of twine.  So just incase I didn't twine it carefully enough, I thought I'd protect myself with a coat of brown pain.

Round and round we go... I'd kinda melt the superglue from the previous wrap as I went.  I used like 4 sticks of glue.
I like the finished project.  Matches our bathrooms perfectly. 
 Here was the glass vase before ~
And here's the framed flowers that we just got that I love -
The have a slightly metallic brown frame, just like the rusty brown hardware in the bathroom.  Smiling each time I walk by.  Excited to take one project at a time throughout the house.  This is our year to "do"!

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