Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kid Train

The kids totally made me laugh today.  I was vacuuming the stairs when I heard laughter and kids playing, and tsk tsk playing is not allowed if Hyrum's supposed to be doing his school work.  So I came to to tell Hyrum to stop fooling around, but the picture they created was just too cute. 

A contraption of a trike, a little scoot bike, and a highchair on wheels, all tied together with winter scarves and cloth belts to form an ingenious little choo-choo train. 
You can see that Hyrum does have his book there, so I guess he was technically reading words at that moment, but I trains aren't made on their own, so he wasn't reading when he made it.  Plus I don't think any of the story was sticking in his head very well since he was playing the part of the steam engine at the same time.  Ya just can't focus that way. 
Still, can't help but love a big brother who takes care of his baby sisters.  I mean just look at that smile (and holding her baby, I love it)...
He's a good kid. 

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