Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Eugene Fitzherbert

It's Spirit week at Skyline. And Joseph, the aspiring Student Body officer, is taking it seriously. Tomorrow is Walt Disney Wednesday. So he took another trip to the DI with his friend to seek inspiration. He found this sweet vest and with that pulled together this get up. Can you tell who he is? (If you need a clue, look at the blog post title...)
Yes! That's right! It's Flynn Ryder from Tangled! Joseph's got a little Indiana Jones bag as his satchel, which I made years ago for 5 year old Hyrum's kindergarten costume. Brown belt over the vest, then a frying pan to complete the look. In the photo Joseph is defending his costume idea as Ethan tells him the bag is too small. I'm impressed Joseph. J is also really excited for "Thrift Store Thursday". Like most teenage boys, he's a big DI fan. I remember my little brother would seriously shop there before prom and find awesome stuff, cause everything is awesome when you're a teenager!

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