Thursday, September 9, 2010

30 Hours Till Departure

...atleast for Corey. Which is good, cause he's going nuts will all this clutter exposed. He doesn't know why all this stuff is in our house. HE didn't buy it. HE doesn't need it or want it. Yes, it would be best for him to not know about any of it. And he wouldn't know about it still, if it weren't for the fact that it all has to be unloaded and moved out of this home where I've been stashing it. Although I really don't think we have a lot of stuff. Still, I understand his yearning to get away from all the possessions that tie us down. If it weren't that we had to cook and clothe our children, I'd be happy if these boxes were all that I had.

Yes, these are my photos and scrapbooks, safely boxed away, hopefully to be all fully scrapbooked and enjoyed before I die. Lily is taking a nap on a bin of Memorabilia, can you see her? Without all the kids though, there really wouldn't be much I'd be excited about documenting or taking photos of. I've been packing for our crew. Each kid has a bin, each bin has a few books to read, paper and crayons to create pictures on, and costumes to play imaginary games in. Should be fun!!!

So, I still have 72 hours until I fly out AT MIDNIGHT. And a full day of cleaning on Saturday with my helpful family. But I think the internet will be being cut off tomorrow, so here's signing off until I come to you from a computer about 2717 miles southeast from here.

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