Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bili Test

(I'm loving this little man.)
I took him to the pediatrician today and he got poked in the heel again to test his bilirubin count. It's been his 4th time being poked, would have been his 5th if I hadn't skipped out on one on Sunday. And he's never cried when they poked him, such a tough little guy! So I was supposed to take him in Sunday to get it tested again at the hospital, (pediatric clinic was closed but they said I just had to go in on Sunday, it couldn't wait until Monday. She told me it couldn't wait. I was supposed to be there before 9, but that didn't happen with getting everyone ready for church. So I was late, but I reluctantly went. But when I got there the hospital was a ghost town, there was no one there at the reception desk. No one anywhere. Okay, well one time a security guy walked by once but I didn't want to ask him where the lab was or if it was okay for me to go snoopin' around. I would have asked the receptionist if she ever came, but she didn't, and so I didn't know where to go and wasn't concerned enough to put any effort into finding out. He's eating great and pooping, sleeping, doing everything great, I'm not worried about his bilirubin. So I told myself I'd wait until 10:00 and then I could leave. I watched my clock and tried to urge the minutes to pass faster. Hooray, 10:00 and no one came, I'm outta here! Yahoo! I wondered if they'd call on Monday to ask about it. But they didn't, and didn't call Tuesday. Today she said he isn't gaining weight fast enough. Blah, whatever. I'm trying to be patient with all the things that doctors seem to want to make me stress out about. She wanted me to feed him there and then so we could maybe weigh him again so we could see how much he's getting out of each feeding. I didn't want to feed him there, I'm not concerned, so I said no and I'll just try my best to plump him up before his 2 week. Then she checked his eyes again and thought they looked yellow and asked if I'd have him tested again. I don't think they're yellow at all, his skin isn't yellow, his color is great, ugh, I didn't want to but said okay. Luckily this time it came back good and now he doesn't have to get poked in the heel anymore and I don't have to go back for two more weeks (cause they scheduled his two week at three weeks - haha! I know his weight will be up by then, so ha I'm tricking the system!) But I didn't ask for his appointment to be at 3 weeks instead of two, that's just where they were able to fit him in for some reason. I'm trying to be patient with going to the doctor appointments. I have to say I'm of the type that goes to the doctor if I have a concern but don't feel the need to always have them checking up on every little thing. I do immunize though. So there is Owen's bilirubin story and I'm glad it's done and over with.
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