Monday, August 24, 2015

Shoe Police

Natalie is the head officer of the Shoe Patrol ~ our little police unit here that is in charge of ensuring that all citizens are wearing shoes at all times. You may not "kick of your shoes and relax" around our household at the time being. Natalie and Sophi have enacted laws against that kind of behavior. Clothes... you don't need clothes. Clothes are optional, you know, like how it is for barbies - atleast at our house - barbies are found laying around with no clothing on but you can be sure they're sportin' their high heel shoes. And that's how it is for everyone around here. Here's Natalie putting on Lily's shoes when she was found having a snack shoeless at the counter.
When I sit on the couch to nurse this little cute face...
...the shoe police come by. If they see I've tried to kick back and relax, they get those shoes and put them back on. No relaxing shoe-less allowed aroudn here. Natalie will sweetly say "Shoes!" and pick them up and put them back on me.
It's cute.
Sophi works closely with Natalie as shoe enforcer. Lately they've been raiding my closet and getting out the pretty Sunday shoes, thus there are high heels are strewn all over the house. and if they catch you barefoot, watch out, cause they'll make you wear high heels. Once the shoe police caught me in my closet, where I was hiding to try and throw them off my trail... and I took of my heels. Sophi came in and looked at my feet and said "Where are your shoes?!" And I said "do I have to wear the high heels?" and then Natalie came quickly behind her to look at me - without either of them saying a word, Sophi turned to look at her and then accusingly pointed at my bare feet. Natalie looked at my feet and with sirens going off in her head, promptly went over to my shelf, grabbed the heels that I had discarded, and put them on my feet. You just don't get a break from these girls! I think I might need to hide any and all of my and Melodie's "pretty shoes" up higher in the closets, or else I have to wear them in the kitchen while I load the dishwasher and while I vacuum. It's the law!
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