Monday, August 10, 2015

Tooth Fairy Fail

I like Lily. Lily holds still and doesn't cry when I brush tangles out of her hair. She holds still when I pull her hair to put it in a braid and doesn't complain about me pulling hard. She's a tough little kid. She also lets me pull out her teeth when they are loose, which I also appreciate. I remember sometime this last school year, Hyrum had a loose tooth that was bothering him when he played the saxophone, and he complained about it hurting and bugging him, but he would not let me test how loose it was or take it out. I think I finally pinned him down and yanked it, thankful that he didn't bite me in protest as I had my fingers in his mouth. But Lily, she came down stairs on Saturday and said "can you pull out my tooth?" and I took the tissue that she brought, wiggled it to test it's readiness - super loose, and then she held still and held her mouth open as I did a little pull and that was that, it was out. She lost a tooth a few weeks ago before Owen was born. She let me pull that one out too. On that one I set an alarm on my phone for midnight and was ready to play the tooth fairy the first night post tooth.

Unfortunately, my brain must have had a cramp this time, cause even though I was the one that pulled it out, and I am also the one who plays the tooth fairy role... I forgot. Lily came into our room yesterday morning very much heart broken, letting us know the tooth fairy hadn't come. Doh! But in the Sunday morning busy-ness, that information went in my brain and then right out, and I didn't set an alarm or make a mental note again, thus causing me to be totally absent minded and I wasn't the tooth fairy last night either. This morning poor Lily walked into my room as soon as she was awake and was totally beside herself as to what in the world could be going on that this was happening to her... "The tooth fairy didn't come againWhat is wrong with the TOOTH FAIRY!!?!?"

Oh man! Where is my brain?!?! I hurried and thought of a plan. She got back up on her bed so I wasn't able to put the money under and pretend she just didn't see it. She woke up Abi and Melodie and they were all in their beds, talking about how the tooth fairy was probably just really busy (even though we already used that excuse the first night) and they were trying to console her and let her know she would probably still come, give her one more chance, and while they call chit-chatted, I went and made this note and envelope...
I went in and put it on Mel's bed, who has her bed underneath Lily's bunk, and in hushed tones instructed her to pretend to find it on her bed, and say it must have fallen. Then I left and came back in as they shared with me the excitement of their finding ~
Luckily that cleared it all up, and I've got three dollars to put under her pillow tonight and I think that should settle things. Phew! That was a close one. Lily put her tooth in the envelope the tooth fairy provided and I've got an alarm set for midnight, but if I'm unable to do that for whatever reason, I have a back up alarm for 5 a.m. Here's Lily's two lost teeth.
So, where is my brain? We actually had a discussion on that with the kids last night, cause both Corey and I have got our brains on overload. Last night we discussed that we've got just 10 days before another year of school and chaos hit us and we gotta make a plan of attack, cause I don't know how we're going to survive it all when we can't even stay on top of the dishes and laundry. We had a family meeting and held some discussion, and I broke out all my parenting books and tried to find again any advice that might prepare us for the flood before it comes. 
Our family discussion was interrupted by a magic show, performed by Lily wearing her magic hat and cape...
And soon Sophia and Natalie joined the show in their capes too - all to the cheering and hoots and hollers of us.
Sometimes we didn't give Sophi the accepted amount of cheering, so she assumed her default and cried on the floor. It was noisy and crazy and Corey and I just shook our heads (and didn't really get all the clarity of mind we were hoping for from this school year planning session...) As Sophi cried loudly and the magic show continued and kids talked and goofed off, Corey said "When people tell me they can't imagine having 10 kids, this is what they imagine..."  We tried to reign them in with a youtube video, which usually works. We were discussing Germany, cause there might be a lady from Germany coming to stay with us for 2 months (which is another thing causing stresss and overload to my brain. We just found out she's coming this Friday... I thought it was atleast a month out, anyway, I'll talk about that later this week...) So Corey was joking that we're hiring a German nanny to come help us out, and so they watched this Studio C sketch of Fraulein Poppins (funny!) and this clip on the German language. Haha
So that's where my brain is - it's out trying to do some emergency preparedness for the upcoming whirlwind of life that is going to be swirling around us night and day for the next 10 months. I can't even be a tooth fairy, how are we going to do music lessons, band practices, school, homework, reading, cleaning, nursing, and possibly hosting this German girl, plus everything else that comes with life with 10 kids? We need some serious help. Well, last night I did get a few ideas, going to work on them today and see if they might work... We're going to try some ideas this week, the last week of summer, ahh! I hope we survive.
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