Monday, August 3, 2015

The Name Game

Over the weekend we had the name for this little guy narrowed down to two. And then the kids went up to Park City for the annual Wride get together ...and the name of this child became the topic of conversation ....and Joseph was texting me every suggestion he approved of, and I'd look at the kid and some worked pretty well... and oh great, I started to feel like I was starting over from scratch again. We always seem to struggle with this naming the kid part... (the only ones documented here on the blog are the girls... see AbigailLily, Sophia and Natalie) So many names to choose from, what to do what to do. I looked up meanings, recited the names off in order to see which one fit at the end better~ "Joseph Melodie Ethan Hyrum Wesley Abigail Lilian Sophia Natalie ______"

The little guy wondering if we'll be able to decide...
On Friday I called medical records at the hospital to make sure they weren't going to process his birth certificate without a name on it, and she said she'd hold off and give me until Monday and to call at 9. So here we are on Monday. Corey is up at Park City with the kids (I'm home with Natalie and the baby) and since Corey and junior are in different locations, he doesn't have time to stare at him. But pressures on! Gotta name this kid. So we started texting at 8 and text back and forth until 10 and we just can't decide. We have a problem that we're both just too accommodating to each other's wishes. Medical records hasn't called though, so hopefully we're okay. I call them at 10:15 and ask if we can have until 11.

Another picture I texted to Corey so he could try to study the baby's face and divine his name:
A few final bits of texting, quick bit of exercising, then skyping again - okay, we're almost there, I call Corey for a verbal confirmation, and it is 11:13 and it's done! Time to extend a congratulations to this little man, hooray! You now have a name!

(That picture almost does his cuteness justice)
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