Tuesday, August 18, 2015

School Year's Eve Lunch

Now that we're back from Brazil and now that Owen has been born, I'm ready to start doing little family "parties" again. We started off with a "School Year's Eve" event, like we did last year.
We began our celebrations today with a fun dinner, but it was more of a lunch. Last year they took hot lunch, so this school lunch was more in memory of cold lunches from year's past. Sandwiches, chips, fruit, gogurts, and Little Debbie snack cakes.
Ok, everyone grab your lunch tray and go through the lunch line for your dinner.

You're cute Lily
It was a busy last day of summer ~ the kids all went over to a neighbor's birthday party at 2 and then Hyrum had a band concert that night, so we squeezed this little activity in at 4:30. Corey wasn't able to make it, but ya do what you can.
The kids smiled for a photo, then Joseph asked me to give him a count down so I could capture an action shot ~ can you spot the "action"?
Yes, Joseph threw a fruit snack at Ethan's head. the kids liked it. Joseph wanted me to get him in action catching a gold fish. The gold fish cracker as harder to see... But Sophi is cute
Ah, there is a little gold fish in flight!
Everyone's excited for the first day of school tomorrow ~ it's gonna start bright and early with Joseph leaving for Jazz band at 6:15. That will definitely feel early, when compared with the teenager's usual 11 am rise and shine time this past week. We're going to do more activities during the week - like our supply station (I gotta make another run to the store for binders and notebooks), a annual school year questionairre, and we'll probably do father's blessings on Sunday. Ready or not, here the new year comes!
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