Thursday, August 27, 2015

Eye Exam for Sophia

So I noticed in February that my little 3 year old Sophia was beginning to cross her eyes. I tried to schedule an appointment up at the Moran Eye Center at Primary Childrens, but they were booked out several weeks and I was not going to be able to get her in before we were leaving for Brazil at the end of March. The Moran Eye Center is where I've always gone when my toddlers needed glasses (aka Hyrum and Abi). Somehow this time I came under the impression that they were the only pediatric ophthalmologists in Utah - cause when I called to schedule Sophi's appointment, and they couldn't get her in until April, the lady said "There are only 5 pediatric ophthamologist in Utah." Really? I took their word for it. They didn't have a waiting list, so I called a few times over the next few weeks to see if anyone had cancelled so I could jump in line, but no luck. So what ya gonna do. We went to Brazil in March, and in June I called again to schedule an appointment for Sophi after we returned to the US. And this time they were booked through October! Drat, apparently I should have called earlier. I scheduled an appointment for October 22nd. Then when we were at Scofield with friends in July, it dawned on me that they both have young children in glasses and I asked them were they went. Come to find out there is more than one place in Utah to take small kids to, I'm sure there are several, not sure why I didn't figure this out in February, but I should have known better. So I called Rocky Mountain Eye Center and was able to schedule her for August 27th. That's much better than October. Especially since the poor girl has needed glasses since February. Well today the day arrived! You ready Sophi?
She was so cute the whole time and even though she didn't know her ABCs perfectly, she is able to match two letters or two pictures. So now we know our little girl is farsighted.
Dr. Peterson was wonderful, we had a great experience. Just 30 minutes for her eyes to dilate, and everything else was quick and painless too. We looked at glasses at the optical shop they had there. Even though they didn't have any Sleeping Beauty glasses, Sophi was willing to get the pretty purple glasses with a sparkly bow on the sides. Final cost for one pair was going to be $230. I asked if she could hold the order and I was going to look at Walmart if we could find something less expensive for us, since we do have a lot of kiddos in glasses. Luckily at Walmart they had a pink Sketchers pair that had a pink sparkly heart on the temples. Sophi approved, yay! and we found another hot pink pair in some $9 buck frames, sweet. So we ended up getting the two pair at Walmart for $130. Go Walmart, I am grateful. Her glasses should be here in a week! Excited for my little girl to see more clearly soon! (And she's gonna look super cute in them too!)
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