Friday, August 28, 2015

Ethan's Creations

Last year in Ethan's school CTE class he learned how do make pictures on the computer, and how to use other pictures and Photoshop them together. He made quite a few creations back then and even whipped out a Holiday greeting card for our family. Now with school back in session, he's hard at work again. The files are saved there at school, so I had to take pictures of his pictures to document them. This is our new computer wallpaper that he made - Ethan says it represents his best work ~ Behold, Natalie the giant toddler sleeping in the Grand Canyon or something as tourists look on -
And he also has made it possible for Barney and Elmo to join the Avengers - (Elmo's tail is on fire, and Barney is looking a little tired I think, he might not be up for the job...)
And he's even made it possible for pigs to fly! (some kid crinkled up that one) ... but wow, pigs can fly ~ Anything is possible!
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