Thursday, August 13, 2015

Play Areas

Well, I haven't been at the computer much this week. But I have exercised everyday, yay. And I also have worked a lot on the basement and it looks great! (well, great for an unfinished basement).
The little girls have been playing wonderfully down there. It seems that usually they'll mess up a room and then get bored, go find new toys and go find a clean area to make a mess of, and then before you know it every room of the house has been turned into a play area. If we can just keep the main area clear down there, then it can always be their empty canvas to be creative with.
They've been playing "restaurant". So the kids area is separated from my exercise area by this playset, which we get much better use of in the basement than we did outside. Usually cause when the playsets are outside, they just get so many spider webs in them that the kids are scared and stay away.
Although we've had our fair share of spider scares as we've been cleaning in the basement. We've been squishing and vacuuming them up, as they seem to have very much enjoyed their free reign in the house during the 3+ months we were gone. Trying to help them know that we're back and that they shall be executed if we see them. There were a lot by the dumbbells which had been set up before we left. But now I have a clean exercise area that I will vacuum regularly to keep spider free.

As the girls played downstairs, the boys were up lost in the imagination of lego land - they've been working on Lego City since we've been back. Right now they are are doing more Ultra Agents adventures, since Hyrum got two sets for his birthday.
I think in their game they've figured out a way to have the Ultra Agents people be a part of lego city (You can see Lego City behind them in the picture above) It's pretty cool. They haven't let me take pictures yet cause it "wasn't ready" but I did snap a few today. Since school is about to start, they're just gonna have to call it good. It will take a lot of pictures to document all their amazing buildings and city features... maybe I'll have to do a video instead. Here is main street - city hall in the far distance there, blue roof is an apartment building, tall brown building is a hotel, then you've got the gray office building, the red roofed "art" shop, yellow gas station, and bottom left is the grocery store.
The roof of the grocery store comes off so you can help your people go shopping. The yellow lid containers there are in memory of the ice cream containers in Brazil. And look at that shopping cart - these kids always impress me with what they come up with!
Yeah, Lego City is pretty cool. Last week when they were in Park City, I caught Natalie in there being Godzilla - standing on the table ready to step on city hall. I got her off before she demolished it all - she only destroyed the gas station.
Yes, we shall do the amazing Lego City reveal soon before they have to say goodbye to it and say hello to school and homework, leaving lego city to the mercy of toddlers all day. Hopefully I'll be able to keep the toddlers entertained in the basement. :)
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