Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kissing, Nursing, and Reading

I haven't gotten much done today. Owen likes to be held. And if he's not being held, he's usually getting woken up by his adoring 2 year old sister, who likes to go and shove his binky into his sleeping mouth as she shouts to me "Baby! Brother! Sleep!" Yes, he was asleep, thanks Natalie. Now I get to feed him again. She sure loves him *kiss* his little head
"Baby brother hair!"
 See Owen's face there - he's like "can you get this little girl to give me some space?"
 She just loves you so much though! 
So if I'm not feeding him, I get to hold him to make sure he doesn't get smothered with affection.
Or I can try to get stuff done at the computer while I hold him. Here I am registering the kids for school. Worked pretty well until my arm started to go numb. So then I put him down, but then he woke up. Back on the couch to nurse...
Lily was able to cuddle with him for a little bit this afternoon. I was impressed she got him to take his binky and he was quiet for a few minutes with her. She was proud of herself too.
 Cute little eyes! That innocent helpless little angel face...
Good news of nursing for hours on end, I finished a book that I started Sunday - The Lincoln Hypothesis by one of my favorite people, the amazing Timothy Ballard (of OUR Rescue).
Great book. I love stories of the Revolutionary War, but haven't read up much on the Civil War. I think I'll have to do more of that, cause this book was great, and it was nice to read about how Lincoln is Ballard's hero. He likes George Washington too, but he feels Lincoln had to endure more fire and hell, hence why he admires him a bit more. And I learned this in his books "The American Covenant" but this talks about it more in this one- about how Lincoln checked out the Book of Mormon from the Library of Congress and kept it for 8 months, and returned it a week after he issued the Emancipation Proclamation. Pretty neat timing - and thus Ballards hypothesis that Lincoln read the Book of Mormon and it guided him in decisions he made regarding the Civil War and slavery. I also loved all the quotes by Lincoln and others about seeking God and turning to Him and doing His will. The whole nation was repenting and turning to God during the Civil War. And I can't help but think about the repenting that we need to do as a nation ~ as I read about and learn more about the Planned Parenthood videos and regarding abortion. Especially this past week as I've held my totally helpless little baby, he's totally helpless to my choices. Thus all the more reason to be careful and gentle and full of love with all that I do to and for him. It just makes me sick to think of abortion. Mothers giving up their children, letting their children be killed. Talk about offending God - we as a nation are allowing the murder of these tiny children, the most helpless and defenseless of God's children. I pray we repent and turn to God and stop this evil and devilish practice. Just makes me sick with sadness - video at 13:20... those little hands. So sad. God help us to repent and change our ways.
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