Saturday, August 15, 2015

Midnight Movie

Yesterday was the last official Friday of summer, so I let the kids watch a movie during the day. They watched one of the movies from Corey's M0vie Mouth work collection called "Spirited Away". The back cover of the dvd says it's a "masterpiece". We had a different take. The kids were disturbed by it, but were also, as Ethan confessed, slightly hypnotized and could not not watch it. I was just laughing as I kept hearing them comment to each other "WHAT is going ON?!?!" "This is SO weird..." They all agreed, in their final review of the movie, that it was like a culmination of all their horrible nightmares packed into one 2 hour film. I've had enough experience with disturbing shows that I knew I'd feel sick at myself for the rest of the day if I didn't leave. So I caught a little bit of it was I walked into the kitchen every now and then, but mostly was able to stay away and laugh at the kids.

After that movie, it was time for Corey and I to go on our date, which means movie night! Yay! (?) "Aren't you guys already tired of watching movies?" I guess not. So they watched The Little Rascals to cleanse their pallet. As we left, I said "And feel free to clean the house while we're gone..." We came home, the movie was over, and they were all up and cleaning and were almost done. WOW! Thanks kids! They did it again! So what should we do now since everyone is happy and the house is clean? I went upstairs to nurse Owen and turned on BYUtv, and watched a little bit of Studio C, and then at 10:00 another movie was on. And this one was bad in a different way than Spirited Away. Called "Belle and the Beast" - it was pretty dumb in a silly way, so we watched it and laughed at the acting "Too bad!" and watched that until midnight. "I even defended you!" said through a smiling mouth pretending to be mad. 
The little girls nodded off one by one, first Natalie, then Lily, then Abi, and Sophi held on till the end. She snuggled with Corey as he got a little bit more work done.
At midnight, Studio C was on again and since we were all still awake and in a silly mood, we watched that - Season 4, Episode 8. Good laughs~ The Mad Scientist re-invents sports and Markus Pix up Chix "And that I totally hate Guatalahalamala!" Yeah, we were all tired, making it even more funny, I know it will be a fun memory. At 12:30 another episode was one which we watched for a bit more as Corey and I picked up the kids and put them in their beds. Love Natalie's stink bug sleeping pose.
At 12:45 we called it a day and let our movie party come to an end. Good times. Back to reality next Wednesday!
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